HajjbyUs would like to provide the Hajj and Umrah Badal service to fill the need for Muslims who need someone to do Hajj or Umrah on their behalf. Whether it is someone who cannot do Hajj for health reasons, old age, or it is someone who has passed away, we would like to provide this service to facilitate the fifth pillar of Islam and this beautiful act of worship.

To assure that your Hajj Badal will be completed in the correct manner, students of knowledge from Madinah University, Umm Al Qurra (Makkah), and Daar Al Hadeeth (Makkah) will be appointed to perform the Hajj and/or Umrah. You can rest assured that the Hajj and Umrah will be done and completed in the most authentic manner according to the Qur’an and Sunnah insha’Allah.

After the Hajj is completed, we will then send you a certificate with the name of the person who performed the Hajj Badal and a certified stamp. This is to give you written proof and assurance that the Hajj Badal has been successfully completed.

HajjByUs is registered in Toronto Canada but is run by brothers who are currently living in Saudi Arabia & Canada.